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Carole Weaving Second in Department Support for Learning

I joined Merchiston in September 2016. Primarily, I teach Support for Learning to boys from Fourth Form, Shell and Fifth Form. I love working with these groups – the boys often have very different ways of seeing things, and coping with how their particular set of difficulties and differences affects their learning. Often, as they start Fourth Form, they are very aware of what they find difficult, whereas as they progress through Fifth Form and beyond they become much more focused on their strengths.

A significant part of my role is linked to ensuring that all boys have appropriate support in exams, and providing this by working one-to-one with some boys during their crucial GCSE and A Level examinations. This is often so rewarding, as boys you have seen struggle when they were younger demonstrate the skills and knowledge they need to be successful and hopefully achieve that coveted place at their first choice university.

What makes Merchiston so special is the community – from September to the end of June this is the home and the workplace to a huge family of boys, teachers, house teams and support staff. We learn together, work together, enjoy activities together and eat together. The people who put most into the community are the ones who get the most back from it. Events like the school plays, the Games, the school cross country and important sports matches all show how strong the sense of community is.

Merchiston is a great place, and I work with the best boys in the school.


Edinburgh is such a fantastic place to live! I enjoy going to concerts and the theatre, as well as walking or running in the Pentland Hills and along the beautiful Water of Leith. I also play the viola with a local orchestra – an excellent way of forgetting all about work for a couple of hours each week.


My greatest achievement was celebrating a significant birthday by completing a 55km ultra-marathon along the 3 Lochs Way. After months of training, the organizers cancelled the event the day before - so there would be no aid stations or support. Undeterred, local running clubs, friends and relatives of competitors rallied round and the event went ahead. It was an incredible, if rather exhausting, day.

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