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James Mayoh Physics teacher, Director of Drama, Chalmers East resident tutor

One of the many strengths of Merchiston is the collegiate atmosphere. Since my arrival two years ago I have been struck by the great sense of community, happiness and common purpose in the staff body. It really does make it an enjoyable place to work.

Merchiston is also special because of its focus on both academics and co-curriculars. Every member of the staff has their niche, their area outside the classroom where they are able to contribute. Shortly after arriving I had the opportunity to further my interest from my younger years by getting heavily involved in the drama and last year stepped in to the position of Director of drama – not a usual position for a physics teacher!

I have also enjoyed getting more involved on the pastoral side of the school, something that I did not originally think would be a strong fit for me. However since arriving getting to work in the boarding houses alongside the other pastoral staff and getting to know the students in a more relaxed environment has also been something I have greatly enjoyed.

Overall, then I would summarise by saying that the great think about working at Merchiston is the sheer variety in the day.


I am a keen musician – I play cello, piano and sing on occasion. I have been fortunate enough to play with a number of amazing groups over the years including the Cambridge Concert Orchestra and the Royal Orchestral Society.

I am a keen cyclist and can regularly be seen to-ing and fro-ing from school on my bike.


My first senior production - “Beauty and the Beast” a massive undertaking but ultimately a roaring success thanks to the students and staffs dedication.

Funniest moment

The slip of the tongue: “Ev'ry guy here'd love to be you, Gaston. Even when taking your dumps.”[should be ‘lumps’] delivered by one of the students during rehearsals. Completely incapacitated the entire production team for several minutes!

Inspiring moment

Taking the students around the LHC in Genève and seeing their genuine interest and exciment in seeing how the material they were learning was being applied to the largest experiment ever undertaken.

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