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Jenny Chang-Robertson Teacher of Mandarin

I arrived at Merchiston in August 2016 after teaching Mandarin and Business Studies at a Glasgow Council school for 8 years. Before I joined the teaching profession, I had a successful business career after graduating with an MA in International Marketing Management. My passion for teaching finally brought me into this exciting industry and I have never looked back.

I had many reservations about moving into the private education sector. However, I am glad that I was wrong and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here as a Mandarin Teacher. In my opinion, apart from our amazing school grounds, what makes the school truly special is our close community. Boys and staff have a very positive relationship, which forms a family-like atmosphere. I love the school so much I decided to relocate my family to live in Colinton last year.

As well as teaching Mandarin at Merchiston, I also work for Scottish Qualification Authority as the Principle Assessor for Higher and at The University of Edinburgh as an Associated Tutor for PGDE Secondary Education. All my teaching and assessing experience enables me to deliver the best learning experience to our boys.

I believe that a good teacher should not only teach their subject knowledge but inspire the young people who are in front of you. In my time at Merchiston, I am pleased to see a growing interest in learning Mandarin. Now nearly a quarter of our boys have chosen to learn Mandarin and see the positive impact and additional opportunities that language learning can bring to their life.


I love reading, cooking, walking, swimming, cycling and doing various crafts although it is difficult when my two young children are around.

Inspiring Moments

I always try to make every moment of my time with the pupils fun and inspiring. It is such a pleasure to see the amusement on their faces when I explain the meaning of Chinese Characters, i.e. 人 can you see a person going for a walk, this character means ‘person’. 从 can you see a person following another person, this character means ‘follow’. 囚 can you see a person captured, this person is now a prisoner so this character means ‘prisoner’.

The most inspiring moment in my teaching life was when one of my former pupils became a school teacher and said that I’m the reason he became a teacher because he would like to be a teacher like me. Another former pupil of mine is now practicing as a traditional Chinese doctor, saying that something I said during my lesson inspired the pursuit of Chinese medicine: I can’t even remember what I said! Many of my Merchiston school leavers decided to pursue degrees in the Chinese language. Every pupil I teach gives me the best memories and inspiring moments. All these pupils are my greatest achievement.

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