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Naomi Steen Second in Department, Mathematics and Resident Tutor Rogerson

I joined Merchiston in 2014 in my first post as a Teacher of Mathematics, following the completion of my university studies and teacher training. I was then appointed Second in Department in 2018.

In the course of my time here at Merchiston, I have worked as a Resident Tutor in both Rogerson and Chalmers East houses and have been heavily involved in the Drama productions, as well as supporting SAT preparation and CU, and taking an active role in the many aspects of life in a boarding school. 

During my time at Merchiston, the support of other teachers and the friendships I have formed with colleagues have been, and continue to be, very important. 


I try to prioritise spending time with friends and visiting family.

Inspiring Moments

Being able to work with pupils of different ages throughout the School, and get to know many of them in a number of different contexts—from tutoring to Arts Programme trips, Library events to charity fundraisers— is something I have very much appreciated. I have also enjoyed seeing the students participate and excel in many different areas, whether inside the classroom, on stage (or backstage!), in a choir or one of the many Music competitions, on the pitch or mentoring younger pupils.

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