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Niamh waldron Head of Merchiston Juniors

I joined Merchiston in 2003 as a parent with my two boys, Oliver and George, from a Surrey Prep School, and from the minute we drove  through the front gates we were all sure this was our new home. We were greeted by staff and boys all genuinely happy to welcome us and proud of their school, and this love of the school holds with us all to this day. It gets into your heart and soul! Both boys blossomed and achieved, and I am very proud of the young gentlemen they are today.

In 2005, after coaching tennis in and around Edinburgh, including Merchiston, I joined the teaching team, teaching the very youngest boys in J4. Seeing these first few year groups move through to U6 and then on from Merchiston, fills me with so much happiness and immense pride. It really is a great privilege caring for and nurturing all our young men through their school careers, and I am always incredibly honoured for the trust parents put in me as an educator and mentor.

Over the years I have been a House Tutor, spending time caring for the boys outside the classroom, working closely with the boarders, an element of life at Merchiston that is so important, that close knit community where people know each other well. This really is a special part of this wonderful school. Later I moved to lead the Pringle Centre Department caring for the daily lives of the 7-11 year old boys, and in 2012 took on the role of Head of Juniors, overseeing, with our experienced and incredibly wonderful Junior Team, the care and development of all the boys in the Juniors from ages 7-13. In 2013, I moved, with my family, into Pringle House, taking on the role of Housemaster. Living with the boys and developing a wonderfully nurturing and vibrant family atmosphere has been a pleasure and great fun, the memories and funny moments make each day unique, and will stay with me forever. Working with, and as part of, such a team of dedicated and committed, not to mention kind and supportive, people across all areas of school life, has been humbling and inspirational, as it is this group of people who make the team! It is true to say that these relationships and interactions have made me the person I am today, as much as it does everyone who lives here.

I can genuinely say each day at Merchiston is a day filled with fun, adventure, learning, friendship and development. The boys never cease to amaze and impress, and simply chatting with them and seeing them through the day makes coming to work a real pleasure. Of course there are challenges, that’s life, and we cross all paths and bridges, and climb mountains, together as they appear. We are, quite simply, a wonderful and special family within a marvellous community. 


I live on campus and love being a part of the Merchiston family.

I love playing golf, and sharing my progress with the boys (and anyone who will listen!) taking this up recently after being inspired and interested by the workings of our Golf Academy pupils.

I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, with so much close by, the hills for walking, golf courses aplenty, a vibrant city, and beaches within a short drive.

I am a huge cricket and rugby supporter, and am known for my complete loyalty to Ireland!

I have family spread across the world, and holidays are spent catching up and travelling.

When I have a moment I enjoy losing myself in a book and wandering around a beautiful garden, dreaming!


Without doubt my proudest moments are those photos with departing Leavers after many happy years together! Seeing the boys set off on the next stage of life’s journey fills me with pride and awe.


The funniest moments have to be the things little boys come out with.....their confidence, observations and yes at times completely daft questions!


My inspirations have been the many wonderful people I have worked with, their energy, enthusiasm, and never ending support. We make a great Team!

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