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richard Charman Deputy Head Co-Curricular

I joined Mechiston in September 2000 as a Maths and Swimming teacher before holding the positions of Head of PE, Director of Sport, Director of Co-curricular before being promoted to the post of Deputy Head Co-curricular. As part of my roles, I devised and delivered the Tennis Academy in 2007 which provided the basis for the start of the School’s diversification in the whole of the co-curriculum.

My involvement in major projects has also been a hugely satisfying part of my role, the development of the WWI Pavilion, The Merchiston Astro, the Indoor Tennis Centre and the introduction of the iPad programme and the new IT Infrastructure are just a small number of projects that I am hugely proud of for the School. I am also a passionate teacher of Mathematics and I take much pride in working with the pupils to allow them to succeed in their GCSE or Scottish Higher Exams.

During my time at Merchiston, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching so many pupils who have had the drive to be the best they can be in their chosen paths. In recent years, I have equally enjoyed leading staff and helping them improve as teaching professionals, which has also led pupils to have the opportunity to thrive. Supporting and developing staff and pupils to flourish in our small but aspiring environment has been so rewarding in my time at Merchiston.

There is nothing better than seeing a current pupil or teams of pupils thrive and achieve their own personal goals at Merchiston, but when they return as employable and upstanding gentlemen on their own personal and professional journeys this is what really makes being a teacher and educational leader so special.


I thrive on organizing big events or being involved in big projects and working through logistical challenges. I am a passionate sportsman and enjoyed playing tennis to a high level. I enjoy playing Padel Tennis, Football, Cricket and Golf, but most importantly spending time with my two boys: Harry and Freddie and my wife Debs.


The Tennis and Golf Academies are most definitely the big successes, however, working with the staff to allow them to achieve in their fields, including Sporting successes and the launch of the iPad programme have also been huge achievements. Meeting so many young talented pupils and giving many the opportunity to experience and thrive at Merchiston. One of my fondest memories was when two boys walked into my office trying to gain support for the Edinburgh 10k run, wanting to raise money for a cause supporting serious injury, which resulted in the School raising over £50k and more than 250 people running in the event!

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