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sharon twyford Teacher of Physics

I joined Merchiston Castle School in Sept 2002 as a Full-time Teacher of Physics and Pringle House Tutor. I enjoyed six years in this role, together with running the Junior Science Club, teaching Scottish country dancing to the Pringle boys and latterly in the promoted post of Junior Curriculum Coordinator. 

My daughter was born late in 2007 and, following my maternity leave, I returned to the Physics department as a part-time Teacher, where I have continued to enjoy teaching Science to Pringle boys and Physics from III Form through to A-Level.  For variety I have also taught extension classes for gifted and talented students and have made the occasional departure into the Robertson Building to teach III and IV Form Electronics. 

Prior to joining Merchiston, I worked for four years for the Institute of Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow. Whilst working for my PhD, I was involved in the design and development of mirror suspensions for laser interferometric gravitational wave detectors; the detectors made famous by the subsequent detection of gravitational waves announced in February 2016.

Following my involvement in research, I worked as an engineering consultant in the oil, petrochemical and power generation industry as a Vibration Engineer for two and a half years.  My research and industrial experience have been invaluable in bringing real world experiences into my every day teaching. 


In my spare time I enjoy a number of hobbies; I make jewelry from silver clay and have taken night courses in glass fusing and pottery.  My hobbies are almost entirely about finding an outlet for my ‘artistic side’!

Inspiring Moments

Inspiring moments come often at Merchiston.  It can be the little things like when an individual has his ‘Eureka’ moment and suddenly understands the concept that he previously struggled with, right through to discovering boys have achieved or exceeded the level at which they thought possible in their public exams.

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