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Will Donkin Economics Teacher

I’ve been at Merchiston since August 2018. My previous job was at the Anglo-Chinese International School in Singapore and prior to that I was teaching at St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown, South Africa. St Andrew’s is an all-boys boarding school with a strong rugby tradition so there are significant similarities with Merchiston. This gave me a reasonable idea of what I was signing up for.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm with which the boys enter into discussion and debate about economic, social and political issues. I suspect this is partly due to the small class sizes that make it possible for all the boys to have their say. The boys’ willingness to put forward their ideas and their ability to do so has been very impressive. It has also made lessons more engaging for the boys and for me.

I’ve really enjoyed the supportive atmosphere in the Common Room. It can be fairly daunting joining a new school (even for the teachers!) but this process has been made so much easier by the welcoming attitude of the other staff.


I grew up walking distance from the beach in a small town called Fish Hoek, just outside Cape Town, South Africa and as a result of this I’ve always loved the sea. I’m a very keen surfer and traveller and have spent an irresponsible amount of time and money looking for waves along the coast of South Africa, the islands of Indonesia, New Zealand, the Outer Hebrides, and Sri Lanka. Aside from surfing I try to get involved in any sports that are going. Generally with limited skill but significant enthusiasm.


I would consider my greatest achievement to be having lived and worked on four different continents (with varying degrees of success) while still developing a solid career in education.

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