Week 7 in Merchiston Juniors

Week 7 in Merchiston Juniors

23rd October, 2017


Last week in Merchiston Juniors, we experienced daring food tasting and excellent culinary skills. The great week was topped off with an Outdoor Activity Camp in Broomlee before half term.

The joy of music – the perfect way to start the week. Thank you to those who share these talents weekly.

 Watch the short clip here

Building the bridge along the Yellow Brick Road!

The delicate palate tries the fiery noodle! Those with trained taste buds are very amused!

Another birthday, more cake! Excellent!

 Watch the short clip here

Santiago’s Scrummy Soup? Yes, please!

Today’s pearls of wisdom and words for thought! Let’s see this in action now!

J4 settling into their camp

J5 teambuilding skills in Broomlee

Challenge, teamwork and out of our comfort zone!

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