Week 9 in Merchiston Juniors

Week 9 in Merchiston Juniors

12th March, 2018

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Monday 5 – Sunday 11 March

Well what a fortnight we have experienced, but there is a definite feeling of Spring in the air, and the birds seem as relieved as we are that the snow has melted! Dawn chorus has definitely arrived. Fingers crossed this is the sign of things to come!

Last week, we enjoyed getting back into our routine after the snow days and have enjoyed activities such as baking and perfomrning our school play, The Wind in the Willows.

Back with friends after the Beast From the East closed school! Time for some catching up!

2. Back with Friends 3. Back with Friends

After the snow, Careers Week is back! Mr Mathur talked to us today about technology in emerging markets and the new foldable phone (wow!).

4. Careers Week 5. Careers Week

The weather may have had the upper hand but we enjoyed our annual Clan General Knowledge Quiz this afternoon.

6. Clan General Knowledge7. Clan General Knowledge 8. Clan General Knowledge 9. Clan General Knowledge

And down it comes again! Keep safe everyone!

10. Again

Best breakfast position! Great start to the day!

11. Breakfast Position

A spot of Touch Typing to finish another busy day!

12. Touch Typing 13. Touch Typing 14. Touch Typing

Everyone loves fresh cake, and baking it is great fun. Evening activity in full swing.

15. Evening Activity 16. Evening Activity 17. Evening Activity 18. Evening Activity

On a cold wet evening it is great to have friends to play a board game with.

19. Cold Wet Evening 20. Cold Wet Evening 21. Cold Wet Evening 22. Cold Wet Evening

Assembly discussion on this very important and topical matter. Happy InternationalWomen’s Day to all out there.

23. Internatational Womens Day

Heading off to Euro Quiz at City Chambers! Have fun and do your best boys.

24. Euro Quiz

Looking forward to The Wind in The Willows. Dress Rehearsal gave a wonderful taster!

25. Wind in the Willows 26. Wind in the Willows 27. Wind in the Willows 28. Wind in the Willows

Narrators at work!

29. Narrators at Work 30. Narrators at Work 31. Narrators at Work 32. Narrators at Work

Whet your appetite for the main performance, with these photos of The Wind in the Willows dress rehearsal. 33. Wind in the Willows Rehearsal 34. Wind in the Willows Rehearsal 35. Wind in the Willows Rehearsal 36. Wind in the Willows Rehearsal

After many months and weeks of hard work and rehearsals the J4 and J5 take their production to the stage. 37 J4 and J5 Production

Thankfully this time the snow falls on the stage, while the sun shines outside. A big change from last Friday! 38. Snow Falls on Stage

Fabulous pub and battle scenes!

39. Pub and Battle Scenes 40. Pub and Battle Scenes

Every great show serves an encore! Thank you J4 and J5 for a magical end to the week.41. Encore

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